Professor Mark Ferguson

Theater professor who has no equal .... less than .... or greater than.


Professor Steve Zides

Physics professor whose roguishly good looks are only matched

by his wit and refinement.










     An opulent seminar room at a prestigious liberal arts college.  Two adjacent walls are covered with mammoth white boards.  On one of the remaining walls hangs a carpet reproduction of an artistic masterpiece.  In the center of the room sits an enormous round table.  The lighting comes from a ring of softly glowing bulbs arranged in a circle directly above the table.

     It is fall.  The students have just returned from summer break and the air is filled with exploits both real and imagined.  Anticipation is high.  Professors Ferguson and Zides sit at one end of the great table.  As each student enters the room, Ferguson and Zides are careful to make clear and meaningful eye contact.  Once the class is full, a hush settles over the room. 






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