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The Hero's Journey in Mythology
    Tai Chi, Taoism and Chinese Medicine
    Yoga and Indian Philosophy
    Modern Art / Modern Science
    Stand-Up Comedy and Improvisation
    Aikido: Action, Aesthetic and Anime
    Geekolgy 101

  Upcoming Interim (2015)
    Geekology 101

     Most of us have to suppress the geekier aspects of our personalities to fit
     in with the mainstream. But what if there was a magical geek sanctuary where
     you could let loose and celebrate all the cool geekisms that make you unique?
     This interim projects aims to be that place. This project will engage students in
     a plethora of geeky readings, films, discussions, games, and activities.  If your
     dice have more than six sides; if you find yourself searching online for a Sonic  
     Screwdriver; if you wish you could hang with the guys from The Big Bang
     Theory; if your car displays a bumper sticker that reads "My Other Car is a
     Firebolt" (or a Broom), then this might be the interim project for you.


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