General Handouts

Below, you will find several handouts that may be useful for many of my classes.

[You will need to have an Adobe Acrobat Reader on you computer to download these files.  Most computers today include such a reader in the general software package, but in case yours does not, it is available free on the Adobe website.]


Living By Wofford's Honor Code

History Department

Guidelines for Reading Nonfiction

History Department Grading Rubric

Tips for Writing History Papers

Help with Writing

Tips for Editing and Revising Papers

Tips for Developing an Introduction

Writing Work in HUM 101

Basic Kinds of Organizational Patterns

Examples of  Argument Structure

Using Endnotes and Chicago-Style Citations

Using Other People's Thoughts in a Paper

Sentence Flow within Paragraphs

Making Your Paper Sound Smarter (work in progress!)

Grammar Help

My Editing Shorthand

Grammar Rules: Commas

Grammar Rules: Semicolons and Colons

Grammar Rules: Dashes

Grammar Rules: Phrases

Grammar Rules: Clauses and Conjunctions