Alliston K. Reid, Ph.D.

Reeves Family Professor of Psychology


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Interims: Human Motivation: Sea to Ski;

Sea Kayaking the Nature Preserves;

Psychology and Adventure in the Virgin Islands; Debunking the Psychics;

Eyewitness Testimony;

Psychological Science in the Courtroom;

The Dawn of Modern Turkey;

Buenos Aires, the Glaciers of Patagonia, and the End of the World

  Psychological Science in the Courtroom

Spanish in the Heart of the Real Mexico


Animal Cognition

Syllabus        Homework template

Psych 104: Behavior Analysis

Psych 200: Experimental Methods

Psych 150: Introduction to Psychological Science

Psych 300: Learning & Adaptive Behavior

Psych 480: Comparative Cognition

Syllabus   Grades

Psych 451/2: Senior Thesis:

2017 Resurgence: Data; Subjects & Apparatus; Data with figures

2019 Test Logan’s model: Means; Medians; Session Data