Evolution (Biology 399)

Class Operating Procedures

Grade Determination



I.          Attendance


            1.  You are expected to attend and participate in every class meeting.  Unexcused absences in excess of two (2) will lower your final grade.


2.  No make-up tests will be given except in the case of CLEAR CAUSE (i.e. very unusual circumstances that lead to clearly unavoidable absence.  Arrangements for make-up tests are your responsibility.


II.         Grade Determination


                 Components of your final grade are as follows:


                        Exam 1                         17%

                        Exam 2                         19%

                        Exam 3                         21%

                        Final Exam                   25% (15% new material, 10% cumulative)

                        Class Participation        10%

                        Notes on Readings         8%                            


                        TOTAL                        100%



NOTE 1:          Because we will cover an entire, comprehensive textbook on evolution, plus supplemental readings, I am not requiring a library research paper.


NOTE 2:          The class material that I deem to be “easy” we will cover in a question-and- answer, class discussion format.  The supplemental readings from Gould we also will handle in a question-and-answer format.  You should take notes on all readings and review the notes before class so they will be fresh in your mind.  You should also write down any questions you have about the readings.  I will lecture on the more difficult readings.  For each day’s assigned readings, I will provide a summary sheet of important terms and concepts; this will be provided AFTER the class discussion on the assigned readings.


NOTE: 3:         About once a week, and unannounced, I will have you hand in the notes you took in preparation for that days class.  These notes will be graded and will count 8% toward your final grade.  Underlining in your book does not count as having taken notes.