Field Biology - Biology 370 - Fall 2004

Tentative Lecture, Reading and Exam Schedule

Text is a collection of readings from a variety of sources



Lecture Topic                                                                                                   Readings

                                                                                                              (Page # in Readings)

Sept.    7:         Review of Syllabus, Course Objectives, Introduction                 1-4      

                        The Art of Seeing; Trapping Observations                                   5-18  

Sept.    9:         Arthropods and Insects - Distinguishing Characters                   54-70


Sept.  14:         Arthropods: Identification and Natural History                           71-77

                        Essay: Fight of the Bumblebee                                                   78-83

                        Essay: Impostor in the Nest                                                       84-88              

Sept.  16:         Arthropods: Identification

                        Essay: Stung                                                                             89-94

                        Essay: A Fragile Kingdom                                                        95-100


Sept.  21:         Taxonomy; Naming and Classifying Insects                                  58

                        Classification: Wofford Web Page; Dr. Ab Abercrombie’s

                        Web Page; Herpetology, Classification                            First 10 pages

                        Birds of prey likely to see in migration                               Handout

Sept.  23:         Landforms and Water Bodies                                                   19-35

Climate, Soils, Vegetation                                                         36-53

                        Succession; Habitats in South Carolina (slide presentation)       


Sept. 28:          Spiders: Identification and Natural History                               101-113

                        Essay: Walking on Water                                                        114-119

Sept. 30:          Birds: General Features and Natural History                            120-135

                        Essay: Control of Bird Migration                                             136-140


Oct      5:         Exam I (Does not include Sept. 30 class material)

Oct.    7:           Common Inland Birds in South Carolina                                 Handout

                        Identification and Natural History (slides)


Oct.  12:           Common Birds: Campus Field Trip

Oct.  14:           Amphibians: Biology and Identification                                 141-149

                        Common Amphibians in South Carolina                                 Handout

                        Identification and Natural History (slides)


Oct.  19:           Identification of Common Amphibians (identification of specimens)

                        Essay: The Tetrapoda and Considerations of Amphibian Origins

                        Abercrombie Web Page, click on Herpetology        First 9 pages

                        Essay: Amphibian Decline and Emerging Diseases                   150-159

Oct.  21:           Reptiles: Biology and Identification                                          160-174

                        Common Reptiles in South Carolina                                        Handout

                        Identification and Natural History


Oct.  26:           Identification of Common Reptiles (identification of specimens)

                        Essay: The Terrible Turtle Trade                                            175-179

                        Essay: Genetics of the Garter’s Getaway                                180-182

Oct.  28:           Fungi: General Features and Natural History                           183-189

                        Common Fungi in South Carolina                                           Handout

                        Identification and Natural History (slides)


Nov.  2:           Exam II (Does not include Oct. 28 class material)      

Nov.  4            :           Common Wading Birds and Shore Birds                    Handout

                        Identification and Natural History (slides)

Nov. 6-7          Weekend Field Trip: Bear Island and Donnelly WMA’s

                        Emphasis on Wading and Shore Birds and Herps         


Nov.  9:            Identification of Fungi (identification of specimens)                   188-189

Nov. 10: LAB: FINAL EXAM (Location will not be announced.)

Nov. 11:           Mosses: General Features and Identification                            190-194

                        Common Mosses in South Carolina (slides)


Nov. 16:           Identification of Mosses and Liverworts (specimen identification)

Nov. 18:           Mammals: Biology                                                                  209-218

                        Skull Identification and Natural History; Tracks and Signs (slides)

                        Essay: The Nose takes a Starring Role                                    219-224


Nov. 23:           Mammals: Identification using Skull Characteristics

                        Essay: Great Mysteries of Human Evolution                             225-233

Nov. 25:           Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov. 30:           Lichens: Biology                                                                     175-188

                        Key to Common Lichens                                                        205-208

Dec.   2:           Aquatic Insects: General Features and Identification                 234-244


Dec.   7            Freshwater Fish: Generals Characteristics                                245-260

                        Common Fish in South Carolina           

                        Sight Identification and Natural History (slides)


Dec.   9            Fish Identification (specimen identification)

                        Essay: Something Fishy in the Nest                                          261-264

                        Essay: North America’s Fish Feel the Heat                              265-270

                        Essay: The Gift of Salmon                                                       271-275          

Dec. 11            REVIEW

                        Essay: Canid Conundrum                                                        276-280

                        Essay: Living on the Edge                                                        281-286            

Dec. 15            FINAL EXAM (2:00-5:00)