Dr. Pittman's Resources for On-line Scientfic Literature
PubMed is a comprehensive search engine.  It is the best place to search for relevant journal articles; however, it is not a great source for free on-line journal articles.  After identifying appropriate articles, use Science Direct to locate the publications for free.  If the journal article is not available for free on Science Direct, then an interlibrary loan is the last option.

Use PubMed to search for research literature

Use Science Direct to find free journal articles
Find correct abbreviations for journal titles.
99% of the time, Internet Sources are not acceptable. For that 1% occasion here is how to:
Cite Internet Sources Correctly
Author Directions for Formating
Original Research Papers (Elsevier)
Dr. Pittman's guide to formating a Literature Review
Dr. Pittman's form to help you analyze journal articles:
PDF format
Word format
Dr. Pittman's form to help identify & manage secondary references.
Dr. Pittman's strategies for writing a successful literature review.

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