David Pittman, Ph.D.

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  The Item Oakland Primary celebrates eating healthful foods. Sumter, SC [May 29, 2012]  Link to article

Herald-Journal Program helps educate Spartanburg area kids about eating healthy.  Spartanburg, SC [Feb. 4, 2012]  Link to article

Healthy Eating Decisions program helps to reduce childhood obesity News-Medical.Net Internet distributor of health news  [Oct. 12, 2011] Link to article

WHNS-TV Fox Carolina News Chocolate Milk Creates Debate in School Lunch Line.  Greenville, SC [May 12, 2011]  Link to video clip

IDEA Fitness Journal Magazine Empowering Kids to Make Healthy Choices. IDEA Health and Fitness Association, San Diego, CA [Page 70, January, 2011] Link to article

Public Management Spartanburg and its Partners Focus on Obesity. ICMA, Washington, D.C. [Page 20, December, 2010]  Link to article

WOLT-FM Awake with Drake Healthy Eating Decisions Program Interview.  Spartanburg, SC [August 31, 2010]  Link to mp3 audio clip

WSPA-TV Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate, which flavor milk has the most sugar?  Greenville, SC [August 10, 2010]  Link to video clip

WYFF-TV Channel 4 News Kids Get Lunch Tips From College Professor.  Free program to be offered to all Spartanburg County Elementary students.  Greenville, SC [August 6, 2010]  Link to video clip Link to article

Herald-Journal Districts embrace healthy eating program Spartanburg, SC [Page C1, August 15, 2010]  Link to article

Spartanburg Journal Kids give chocolate milk a pass. Spartanburg, SC [Page 7, January, 1, 2010]  Link to article

Wofford Today Healthy serving of education, praise lead to healthy eating.  Spartanburg, SC [Winter, 2009]  Link to article

Herald-Journal Newspaper Article A Healthy Alternative: More Jesse Boyd Students Choosing Milk Mustaches.  Spartanburg, SC [Page A1 & A7, November 23, 2009]  Link to article

Invited Talk at the 7th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium  Sensory cues for dietary fat:  Behavioral evidence of gustatory detection.  Minneapolis, MN [August 13, 2007]  Link to slides

Wofford Today Pittman and student researchers tackle obesity epidemic.  Spartanburg, SC [Summer, 2006]  Link to article

WHNS-TV Fox Carolina News Does fat have a taste? That's what one upstate professor is out to prove.  Greenville, SC [July 17, 2006]  Link to video clip

WOLT-FM Awake with Drake Community of Scholars Research Interview.  Spartanburg, SC [June 16, 2006]  Link to mp3 audio clip

Herald-Journal Newspaper Article Could taste make a fat rat pig out? Spartanburg, SC [Page B1, June 12, 2006]  Link to article


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