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Click the webcam logo to the left and login as guest, password guest to view a live feed from the Pittman laboratory.  We use this feed to monitor the rats in the DAVIS RIG when we are conducting brief-access licking tests.  When we are not running tests, the camera points to the view outside of our laboratory window.  ENJOY!
You can keep up-to-date with developments and daily progress in both the Baird and Pittman laboratories by reading our collaborative blog:  benzotaste.blogspot.com  Sign up to be a follower of our blog and watch science occur on a daily basis!
Follow DrDavePittman on Twitter Highlights and important discoveries will be posted to our Twitter account.  Start following us to be kept informed at a moments notice.

Are you a teacher, policy maker, or health care provider?  Dr. Baird and Dr. Pittman are willing to come speak to your group about our research.

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