Israel Then and Now:

Wofford College, Interim term 2020

     Robert E. Moss; Chaplain Ron Robinson     

·        2020 trip F.A.Q.

     Going to Israel and Jordan was the best Interim choice I made in college. There's a little something for everyone on the trip. For the explorer, there's the incredibly diverse landscape of Israel and accompanying hiking. For the history buff, there's the rich and long tradition of the country that makes you realize how "young" America really is; and for those wishing to explore the origins of their faith, you won't be disappointed. If you're seriously considering Israel and Jordan, you should prepare yourself mentally to learn from and ask questions to the people you'll meet there. 

     One of the best parts of this trip was that we got to interact and talk to native citizens and get an insider's perspective on life in Israel and on the conflict in the Middle East. Be ready to get pushed outside of your comfort Zone and then relish in it… To sum up, my main advice to you is...GO!

·        -Zach Beaver; 2010 trip.

"I will never forget personal discussions with Israelis and Palestinians of everything from music, to opinions of terrorism and the effect it has on their lives."  -Liz O'Quinn

"My interim experience in Isreal is my definition of a liberal arts education...we studied religion, history, geography, archaeology, music, sociology, geology, ecology, government, music, art, need I go on?  I am now keenly interested in the Middle East; I know the faces, the players, the geography and the history; partly because of my continued interest, but mostly because I was there.  I touched the Whaling Wall.  I walked the Via Dolorosa.  I swam the Dead Sea.  I prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I smoked hookah in Bethlehem with Arabs.   I sailed the Sea of Galilee.  I shared Shabbat dinner with Jews on a kibbutz in the desert.  These are not just memories but experiences that cannot be replaced." - Natalie Hussey

"Do not miss the opportunity to go on this trip!  The hospitality of our guides (who became a true part of our group) and the people was amazing. We attended a local dinner with our travel guide and his family in Bethlehem.  Being in Jerusalem, seeing the Western Wall, staying at a kibbutz (which I had never even heard of before!), singing with our tour guide in ancient chapels, the amazing sunset at Petra... every day there was something new, educational, spiritual, and exciting for me. I think back on some aspect of my Interim at least weekly as I remember how special it was to travel with new and old friends and have access to wonderful professors who guaranteed that no second of the trip was wasted, or I hear news driving to work of continued conflict in the region. I gained a much better appreciation for the history and complexity that was and continues in this region and had quite a few "moments" of my own." - Maggie Sanders Lewis

Israel Interim 2006 was one of the most memorable and most meaningful trips of my life. I still use the experiences we had to form opinions on Middle Eastern politics and religious affairs in the region. To be able to travel to the Holy Land with Dr. Moss and Dr. McCain made the trip even more special. They were able to offer such great insight into the religous and political issues of the region and were great fun. I would highly suggest this interim - definitely the most worthwhile interim of my Wofford years. - Erin Blanton Metcalf



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