Mr. Canada

Canada City, Canada

2.74 meters

229.5 KG

young enough 
(to kick american ass, that is)

trained by:
 chief jay eagle
Erik Anton
Nick fury

things i like:
Ice fishing
roller hockey
shinny hockey
foot hockey
ball hockey
street hockey
pond hockey
table hockey
stinky cheese
moose tipping
socialized medicine
strict gun laws
celine dion (music at its finest)
Hockey fights
Long Johns
Tim Horton’s donuts
zamboni racing
words that end in “out”
words that start with “out”
maple syrup
designer snow shoes
Beaver trapping
snowblower modification
igloo design
Lumberjack Games
Homo milk (it’s not what you think)
(what are you thinking, exactly???)
the War of 1812
downing a two-four
paying with a loonie
paying with a toonie
 Bob & doug mckenzie
The metric system, eh?!

‘Ello-Bonjour! My name eeez Mr Canada (zat eeez pronounced zort of like Muh-S’Yuh, for all you steeenkeeeng Americans ‘ooo do not zpeek zee finest language eeen zee ‘ohl universe, French-Canadienne). I am a patreeeot of zee most glorious country on zee eart, la Canada -- zee great white utopia to zee nort. Eeeen la Canada we have all zee finer tings eeen life: le hockey, la Labatt’s, le Molson, and a 90% income tax rate on zee wealtiest ceeteezenz. Ooo-la-la, you steeeenkeeeeng Americans would love zeees lazt one: you could qvit your steeeekeeeng day jobs and zeet around all day vatching classic WWF matches and you’d ztill get all your medical care covered by zee socialistic government! Vive la liberte!!!

On a deeeferent topic, eeen la Canada you vill find zeee finest professional wrestlers in zeee histoire of professional wrestling -- wrestlers like Canada’s Strong Man Dino Bravo, Brett zeee Hitman Hart, Jim zeee Anvil Neidhart, Abdullah zeee Butcher, Zeee Model Rick Martel, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Leaping Lanny Poffo, Canada’s (zecond) Greatest Atlete Iron Mike Sharpe, and now zeee newest Canadian wrestling zenzation, Mr. Canada (‘ooo ‘az now deeeezplaced Iron Mike Sharpe as Canada’s greatest atlete).

Mr. Canada ‘as deeecided to join zeee roster of zuperztars of zeee American Wrestling Federation of America because zeees eees obviously vhere zeee best American wrestlers are found -- and Mr. Canada vill defeat all of zem, proving to zee whole universe zeee zupeeeriorty of all tings Canadian over all tings American.


Below is my feeeerst promo. And below zat are zeee photos of wrestlers I most want to fight.

wrestler’s i’d most like to fight

Mon histoire