Toxicology Biology 487        Spring 2004

Toxicology is the study of the nature and mechanism of toxic effects of substances on living organisms and other biologic systems (an ecological examination, eg., community).  It also deals with the quantitative assessment of the severity of the effects in relation to the exposure of the organisms.

Environmental toxicology examines the effects of environmental toxicants on health and the environment.  Ecotoxicology as derived from ecology and toxicology places an emphasis on the effects of environmental chemicals upon species other than man.

This course is designed to provide a broad introduction to the rapidly expanding field of toxicology.  Students are encouraged to question/examine how toxic substances impact their daily lives and our ecosystem.

Text: Principles of Environmental Toxicology

                                    Authors: Ian C. Shaw and John Chadwick

Lecture Notes: access via Wofford intranet at ftp://biology2/bio487

Tentative Course Schedule                         Spring 2004

Week/Date                Lecture Topics                                                                  Text (chapter) Assignments

Feb. 5                         What is toxicology?

                                    Environmental change and health

  Feb. 10-19               Major Pollutants                                                                                1

                                      (eg., Industrial Chemicals, Pesticides)


Exam 1                                 

  Feb. 22-Mar. 4       Routes of exposure


  March 9-18          Effects of pollutants on ecosystems                                                 2


Exam 2

March 23-30        Fate and behavior                                                                                  6

April 5-9                     Spring Break

April 1-15             Physiological effects

Exam 3

April 20-29           Toxicity testing and risk assessment                                                  3, 5

May 4                   Natural products

                                    Future considerations                                                                      9

May 10                 Final Exam Monday 2:00-5:00 PM


In class presentations of current toxicology literature &/or news making toxicological events.

Each student will make two presentations that will stimulate the discussion of toxicological concepts and methodologies, ecological &/or physiological consequences, or perhaps regional (Municipal, State or Federal) governmental management/regulation, or maybe examine the economic impact of event.