Biology 385-Marine Biology Spring

General Policy

Instructor: Dr. David Kusher

Office: NMSH203F; Phone Ext.: 4626






Text: Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life, 8th Edition by Sumich and Morrissey.

The objectives of this course are to:

-introduce students to the physical and biological components of marine biology.

-stimulate students to think about the complexities of the marine environment.

-to learn, understand and appreciate the vast species richness of the world ocean.

-to explore the intricacies of marine habitats and their associated biota.

-to understand that the world ocean is not an infinite resource.

-to understand how over-fishing, pollution and habitat destruction detrimentally affect marine populations.

In Class Literature Discussions; (Journal article discussions)

Over the course of the semester, each student pair will lead a (5-7 min.) discussion of a marine biological topic they have chosen.

To prepare, each student pair will use the internet, Wofford library biological search databases (e.g., First Search), etc., to identify current scientific literature (e.g., primary review or research articles) that pertain to the subject.

Next, each pair will obtain these references via interlibrary loan, off the internet, etc.

During the class discussion, you should present:

1. An Introduction (or background) of the subject.

2. Current research studies and findings.

3. Our understanding of the topic and what areas or questions remain to be explored.

To make this an educational exercise for us all, everyone will be expected to ask questions present ideas and opinions.



Tentative Course Schedule


Date Lecture Topics Text Assignments

Feb. 9-16 Ocean as a Habitat 2-45

Feb. 19-23 Ecological & Biological Concepts 46-69

Feb. 26-March 2 Phytoplankton & Zooplankton 71-95 & 320-337

March 5 Monday Exam 1

March 7-12 Marine Plants 96-113

March 14-21 Intertidal 199-238

March 23- April 4 Below the Tides 299-318

April 6 Friday Exam 2

April 9-13 Estuaries 239-264

April 16-20 Nekton Chapters 13 & 14 (selected pages to

be announced)

April 23 Monday Exam 3

April 27-28 Field Trip to Baruch Institute and North Inlet Estuary

April 25-30 Coral Reefs 265-298

May 2- 11 Marine Mammals 189-198

May 16 Final Exam Wednesday 2:00-5:00 PM

Syllabus subject to change with notice.