Resources for German Students

German News

Deutsche Welle

Watch German news through Deutsche Welle with Vocabulary lists

Deutsche Welle

Keep up with news about Germany in English.


Watch daily news (from the previous evening) on Tagesschau. Under "Multimedia" click on "Letzte Sendung" (most recent news).


Tagesschau24: 2 mins. German news in German (with easy-to-read headlines and images that help build your vocabulary)

ZDF Journal

Watch daily news (from the previous evening) on ZDF Journal. Click on "Deutsch" under "TV by country" and then click on the box "ZDG Journal."

Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten

Learn German through slowly spoken news "Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten".

Goethe Institute

Get German news through the Goethe Institute (in English too).

German Movies/TV Shows


On the German Children's TV Station KIKA you can watch authentic movies for kids ages 10+. Click on the play button on "Deine Mediathek" and then click on the show you want to watch in the box "Ab 10 Jahre"


Many shows are available in German through German TV Stations such as RTL. Some shows cannot be viewed online outside of Germany due to legal restrictions.

Der Tatortreiniger

Watch the show “Der Tatortreiniger” (crime scene cleaner). Quirky drama/black comedy.

Media Center

Watch cool shows - browse through "Media Center".

German shows

Watch German shows through Deutsche Welle.

Netflix -- YouTube

German movies through Netflix and on Youtube! On Netflix you can watch the German mystery show “Dark” You can also watch older movies in German, black and white classics like “Metropolis” or “Nosferatu,” or movies from the 1950s.


German movies and documentaries on kanopy. Browse through Global Studies & Languages/German Studies.


Watch German shows on streaming platform mzchoice.


German soccer

Watch German soccer through Deutsche Welle.

Sports and German

A really cool website on Sports and German from the Goethe Institute

German Soccer

German soccer through Goethe Institute (with soccer dictionary and soccer worksheets!)


Mission Berlin

Learn German with this fun series about Anna, a German spy, who saves Germany from disaster

German soap opera

Learn German by watching a German soap opera online! "JoJo sucht das Glück!". All the shows are online!


Learn about Germany and issues about the environment.

German Music

German music online magazine through Deutsche Welle

German science shows

German science shows online through Deutsche Welle.

German Music

German music through the Goethe Institute.

German health

German health online magazine through Deutsche Welle.


German online satire magazine “Der Postillon”.



to watch German news Tagesschau24

Ö3 iRadio

Austrian/German news/Radio


German news magazine


Soccer app

Der Postillon

online satire magazine


German newspaper

Die Zeit

German newspaper