"Interim" in January at Wofford

Wofford Interim-- four weeks where students go beyond the classroom to acquire new skills. During the month of January, students are paired with an Interim class taught by one or, more frequently, two faculty members. This month gives students a chance to experience new subjects that are not typically considered academic, such as baking and pottery, or subjects that they would have never encountered in college semester class, such as genocide in film or gender and race issues in Disney films. Students can also choose to study abroad in places like Belize, Japan, or Morocco, or they can propose an independent interim with faculty support.

View the Wofford Interim website to learn more about this unique month at our college.


Pictures from Past Interims

Dr. Krick-Aigner's Past Interims

2010-2011- Knit One, Purl Two: Knitting

2008- Bella Italia! The Culinary Culture of Italy

2007- Buen Appetito! Italian Cooking