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The NASA Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Grant
This website describes experiments which have been proposed and funded for the summer of 2005. Our work in the spring semester of 2005 is crucial in preparing for the summer research.

For our spring and summer research, we will simulate the condition of microgravity in space by conducting experiments on laboratory rats that are suspended from a special apparatus.

NASA Ames Research Center
Standard Operation Procedure
Procedure for Rat Hindlimb Unloading (revised Sept 8, 2004)


Read during class on 17 February 2005
Emily R. Morey-Holton and Ruth K. Globus (2002)
Hindlimb unloading rodent model: technical aspects
J Appl Physiol 92: 1367-1377



Lateral Hypothalamus Pharmacology



SSS Experiment # 1 (10 February 2005) 2nd exposure to Froot Loops

SSS Experiment # 2 (15 February 2005) after repeated exposures to Froot Loops

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title: The effects of simulated microgravity on sensory specific satiety in rats using the hindlimb unloading model.

Presenters: Elizabeth Gowan, Casey Skinner, and Tyler Stinnett

Understudies: Jeff Taylor, Stacie Truitt, and Amelia Keaton.

Presentation teams:

Introduction: Tyler, Amelia, Brandi, Lesli, Sheriese

Methods: Casey, Stacie, Joey, Trey

Results and Discussion: Elizabeth, Jeff, Yolanda, Brie, John