Bio 250 and Bio 450

Biology Research Spring 2004


Feeding Duties at 2:00 pm plus/minus 30 minutes:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Amy Josh Casey, Amy, Josh, Paul Geoffrey & Lindsay Casey Casey Paul

Background Information

Lateral Hypothalamus Pharmacology


Schedule of Experiments Spring 2004 in Excel format

Initial Rat Weights and Feeding Schedule in Excel format

Uneaten Rat chow spreadsheet in Excel Format

Template file for Data Entry (Excel format to be imported into SigmaStat)

Presentations and Abstracts

Poster for SCAS 2005

2003 Research Presentation in Powerpoint Format presented at 1st Annual Wofford Psychology-Biology Research Symposium, 5 December, 2003 (modified 8 February 2004 by Lindsay Ross and Geoffrey Thomas)

Abstract for publication at April 2004 meeting of SC Academy of Sciences, College of Charleston, to be presented by Lindsay Ross and Geoffrey Thomas based on Fall 2003 Bio 250 research.

Tips for producing effective Powerpoint Presentations

Advice for creating a good presentation

Template file for Research Poster (Powerpoint format)

Advice for creating a good poster


Instructions and Data Sheets

Preparing Naloxone for I.P. Injection (webpage)

Data Sheet in Word.doc format

Chronology (webpage)

Links to NASA Research

Hindlimb Unloading Model: A review paper with cage designs.