Life in Namibia and Cape Town

   Interim 2013   

Dr. G.R. Davis and Dr. John Moeller



We will study lion behavior
in Etosha National Park.



Dr. John Moeller
Associate Professor of Biology

Office: 203H Milliken Science Center West
Phone: 4627
Fax: 4059


Dr. Moeller specializes in Animal Behavior and Physiology and has lead two Wofford student groups to Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. He's the pre-med advisor and an avid photographer.

Dr. G. R. Davis
Professor of Biology

Office: 203E Milliken Science Center West
Phone: 4621
Fax: 4629



Dr. Davis regularly teaches human physiology and histology. He has made six trips to Africa with three of those being Wofford Interim Projects. Dr. Davis has taught Photography as an Interim course and enjoys assisting student photographers.


Questions concerning this Travel Interim project can be e-mailed to Dr. Moeller or Dr. Davis .

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