Granada, Spain


Rabat, Morocco

Milliken Faculty Travel Project January 2011

Photos by GR Davis

Granada Day 1 The Cathedral and Royal Chapel, street and market scenes.

Granada Day 2 Albaicin and Street Scenes

Granada Day 3 The Alhambra and The Generalife

Granada Day 4 Day trip to Cordoba: The Mezquita (Mosque/Cathedral) and the Sephardic Jewish Museum.

Granada Day 5 Albaicin Mosque, Jose Guerrero Art Museum, San Juan de Dios Hospital,
Monastery of St. Jerome, city scenes, Flamenco at Venta de Gallo, and the Alhambra at night.

Granada Day 6 Granada's Catholic and Muslim Cemeteries and hike from above the Alhambra descending into Rio Darro valley.

Granada Day 7 Free day in Granada: Church of Saints Peter and Paul, hike to the Abbey of Sacramonte and several miles along mountain roads to the Hermitage of San Miquel Alto, descending through Albaicin. Tour of Monastery of San Juan de Dios.

Rabat Day 1 Hassan Tower and the unfinished Mosque, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, walk through Medina via Avenue Mohammed V, lunch with Moroccan family, Oudaia Kasbah and women's ceramics conservatory and carpet workshop, Andalusian Gardens, Tea at Cafe Maure, the markets of the medina along the Rue de Consuls.

Rabat Day 2 Early morning hike to the Chellah with Roman and Merinid ruins.

Rabat Day 3 Morning walk in the rain to the Hassan Mosque and Mausoleum,
midday walk to the Chellah.

Rabat Day 4 Day trip to Medina of Fez: En route, scenic overlook of the Medina, Markets, Mosques, Medersas, The Library, Tannery, and Textiles.

Rabat Day 5 Free day in Rabat: Stolls in the Medina and Kasbah, Andalusian Gardens, St. Pierre's Cathedral, Cemeteries, and Rainbows.

more photos by GR Davis