Courses Taught By Dr. G.R. Davis





Human Physiology (Co-instructors: Drs. G.R Davis & Dr. Kim Nguyen) BIO 342 Fall Required

Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Bio 104 Spring Required
Concepts and Methods of Biology Bio 104 Spring 2009 Required
The Biology of Eating BIO 104 Spring 2008 Required
Mammalian Histology BIO 344 Spring Required


Bio 250 Spring 2008 BIO 250 Spring 2008 Integrated
Does the rate of food intake affect the total intake during a meal? Extension of Community of Scholars Fall 2007  
Triggering binge eating in rats: the roles of stress and dieting. Community of Scholars Summer 2007

Does limited access to a highly palatable sweet food induce binge eating in laboratory rats?

Bio 250 Spring 2007 Integrated
Is cumulative food intake affected by the sequence in which three foods are offered to laboratory rats? Bio 250 Spring 2006 Integrated

Feeding behaviors in laboratory rats under simulated microgravity

Presented to NASA scientists at Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA in August, 2005 and at the November 2005 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, DC.

Bio 250/450 Spring 2005 Integrated
The role of opiates in feeding behaviors of laboratory rats.
Presented at the South Carolina Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting at Winthrop University, April 2005
Bio 250/450 Spring 2004 Integrated
Introduction to Research BIO 250 Fall or Spring Integral

Other Courses

Human Physiology/Statistics Learning Community BIO 342/
Math 140
Fall 2002 Required
Neurobiology 2004

Bio 445



Neurobiology 2002 BIO 445 Spring none
Neurobiology 2001 BIO 445/446 Spring Optional
Neuroscience Seminar 1hr weekly journal club format with Drs. Pittman, Hettes, Reid, & Davis (Papers (with abstracts) selected by Dr. Davis) NEUS 322 Spring none

The Mammal in the Mirror: a Biology/Philosophy Learning Community

BIO 104/
Phil 223
Spring 2003 Required

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