Taking Notes from Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis talks fast, uses Powerpoint slides, animated gestures, and sometime writes very little on the board. There is a danger in this style from a student's perspective....students may discover they haven't taken as many notes during class as they should. Students must get accustomed to taking notes based on what Dr. Davis SAYS, not just the items he jots on the board. He makes many important points orally (without slowing to write them on the board) so it is important to look, listen, and write notes all at the same time. If your notes consist only of what's written on the board, they will be insufficient. If you're struggling, bring your class notes to Dr. Davis. He can determine if that may be a contributing factor.

It's a very good idea (Dr. Davis would say "imperative") to look over your class notes sometime the same day as your class. At that time, you can supplement and clarify your notes. This same-day exposure does wonders in enhancing your memory of the information. And if something isn't clear, talk to a classmate or Dr. Davis and get a grasp on it sooner than later.