Attendance Policy

last updated 29 August at 10:24 am

Class attendance is the student's responsibility. Frequent quizzes promotes consistent engagement and are an efficent way to keep track of who's in class and who isn't. Students are expected to attend the sessions for which they are registered. For certain circumstances, it is permissible to attend an alternate section, but you should notify your professor in advance if possible. This priviledge is not to be abused.

Students with less than a B average and more than three recorded absences can expect notification of the certain college authorities via Starfish according to policies described in the College Handbook.

If you need to miss your regular lab for valid reasons (interview for graduate school, medical school, dental school, or employment, or for medical or family emergencies, etc.) you may arrange to trade lab days with one of your classmates. Students are to make the arrangements with each other in advance and seek the approval of the lab instructor in advance, preferably by email.

Being on time is important in this course. Class begins promptly and lab will begin on time as well. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to get to work at those times. Tardiness is disruptive and will not be tolerated. No "benefit of the doubt" is given to class and lab "cutters."