Bio 342 Human Physiology

last updated 29 August 2015

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Optional Readings for the 1st week of Class





Grading of the One Question Quizzes (1QQ)


Each 1QQ quiz will be worth 10 points. For each 1QQ, merely attending class and taking the quiz will earn you 5 points of the 10 available. This is to strongly encourage class attendance even if you may not be well-prepared for a quiz.

To reduce the anxiety associated with having only one question on each 1QQ, there will usually be two or more questions from which a student can choose which one to answer for the grade. Even if a student answers more than one question, only one will be graded, and the student must specify which one is to be graded.

If you miss a class and do not provide a valid excuse (i.e. from Campus Health Services or attending an interview, etc.) your grade on that 1QQ will be a zero.




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