Early Summer 2008


Favorite Photos by GR Davis




Young people these days!

Shreaded posters





The Roman Forum






Visualizing the woman







Peppers in the market at Campo di Fiori







Phillip in the narthex of Santa Maria Maggiore






Oblivious to impending death







Domes of Rome from the Dome of Saint Peter's

From left: Pantheon, 2 towers and dome of Sant'Agnese, spiral tower
of Sant'Ivo, and Dome of church at end of Trajan's Forum








Victory in death

Santa Maria del Popolo








Sweet Eternal Rest

Santa Maria del Popolo






Dress Code at entry to Saint Peter's;
Women with broken legs not allowed.







Tomatoes at Campo di Fiori market






Dressed for Eternity

A gravesite in Ouranopoli, Greece



more photos by GR Davis