Various locations in Namibia

January 2008

Photos by G.R. Davis




Elephant poop

While searching for elephants near the Abu-Huab campground near the ancient rock engravings of Twyvelfontein, we found solid evidence that elephants had been in the region recently.




Flamingo over lagoon at Walvis Bay



Lonesome tree





Organ Pipes rock formation near Twyvelfontein



Quiver trees in Kuiseb Desert

Quiver trees are so named because their hollow trunks are used by the San people to hold their hunting arrows.
At this site, we found many small garnets by crawling about on hands and knees.




Seaside graves at Cape Cross

In the distance is the Cape Cross Seal Reserve where hundred of thousand of seals spend part of the year. Some of the men who worked at this lonely outpost north of Henties Bay were buried here.





Male Welwitschia mirabilis plant

Interesting because of their longevity, individuals of this species can be 300 years old.



Female Welwitschia mirabilis plant





Window washer in Swakopmund

Once a German colony, Namibia became an independent country in 1980. Swakopmund is a modern seaside resort town with a strong Bavarian character and a vacation destination for wealthy travelers.


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