G.R. Davis, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. & Mrs. Larry Hearn McCalla Professor of Biology

Wofford College

429 North Church Street

Spartanburg, SC, USA 29303

Office Phone: 864-597-4621


Photography by GR Davis
links to hundreds of photographs from 25 countries and many states, most with captions.



Courses for Fall 2019: two sections of Human Physiology with labs.




Over 100 large labeled photographs from six states and twelve countries.
Printed in Fall 2013, available in Wofford College Bookstore.



Exhibitions of photographs:

f/5.0 Five Wofford Photographers/ Five Perspectives

with fellow photographers Terry Ferguson, Peter Schmunk, Mark Olencki, and David Whisnant.

April 16-May 30, 2014 in the Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery, Campus Life Building, Wofford College


Impressions of Holland and France

Exhibited in the studio of Cari Bass Photography for June and July 2013 Spartanburg ArtWalks.


A Sojourn in Africa: Photographs from Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya

Great Oaks Hall, Wofford College Campus, October - November 2012



During Dr. Davis' Spring 2012 sabbatical semester at Africa University, he met many interesting people.


January Courses

Essays and Stories




Student Advising

January Term (Interim) Courses

Interim 2018 and 2019: Clinincal Internships

Interim 2017: Sustaining Southern African Ecosystems (Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe) with Dr. John Moeller

Ab at Africa University: Letters and Photos

Essays and Stories

For a peek at my sentimental side not always evident in the classroom, have a look at these essays.



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