Stand Up Comedy/Improv
(Interim 2012)

with Instructor Steve Zides

and Professional Heckler Tim Brown



     Whether you consider it an art or a science, “Stand-Up Comedy” is one of the most beloved forms of live entertainment, performed in almost every non-totalitarian state.  In this interim, students will immerse themselves in all aspects of this complex art form, through both academic study and live performance.  The class will start with the historical development of comedy, quickly moving from its ancient roots to more modern conceptions of humor.  With this knowledge under their belts, students will then turn their attention to the analysis of the styles/routines of several legendary comedians and engage in numerous improvisational exercises.   Now, having reached their maximal comedic potential (often referred to as “Com-adhi”), students will write and then perform stand-up/Improv routines during evening events, open to the entire Wofford community.

   Steve Martin

 :) Stand-Up Clips on YouTube :)
Total Interim Cost:  $200

Cost includes guest speakers and comedians, books, audio visuals, and a whole lot of funny jokes.

[Deposit to Wofford College will be $150]


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