Please Note: This website will server as the syllabus for this course. Requirements for the course are subject to change with appropriate notification. This website will expand as this course progresses.

Special Requirements:

Before you enroll, please keep the following special requirements in mind:

1. We will be tasting a variety of different foods in this course. Students with food allergies or other diet-related health problems are advised NOT to enroll in this course. At a minimum, you can expect to be exposed to wheat, milk and related dairy products, eggs, nuts, peanuts, chocolate, and soy as well as other potential allergens.

2. On cooking days, we will be using the kitchen of a local church roughly 4.5 miles from Wofford College.  Students will be expected to provide their own transportation to the kitchen.  Accordingly, students will be required to sign appropriate release form for travel off campus.

3. On most days, we will be meeting in the morning.  On a few occasions, particularly when cooking, sessions will extend into the early afternoon (but, we hope, no later than 2:00 pm).  An expectation of the course is that you will be present for the entire class on those days.

4. Cooking includes not only preparation of the food, but cleaning up afterwards.  You will need to do your part.

Please see the Detailed Description for more information.