Psychology 300: Learning & Adaptive Behavior

Spring, 2018          Dr. Alliston Reid

MWF 9:30-10:20
Classroom: RMSC-233

Lab:  2:30-5:30 on Tuesdays
Lab is held in RMSC-233


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Supplementary material for class

New York Times Article 

Study Guides for Exam #1
 Exam #2
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Overview questions

Rescorla-Wagner trial-by-trial spreadsheet

Rescorla-Wagner learning curve


Rat Experiment:

Your Excel data file for all rats and conditions

Your SPSS data file for all rats and conditions
Codebook that explains the contents of the SPSS file

Wonderful Megan’s SPSS data file for error analysis, who graciously provided this file to her friends (bring her tips and treats)!

Chaser study: Pilley & Reid (2011)

Background reading: Background
Reid, Nill, & Getz (2010)
Reid, Rapport, & Le (2013)
Reid, DeMarco, Smith, Fort, & Cousins (2013)
Fox, Reid, & Kyonka (2014)

Reid, Folks, & Hardy (2014)
Reid, Futch, Ball, Knight, & Tucker (2017)
Reid, Futch, Smith, Downs, Bidgood, & Zarubin (2017)

Rationale for our KR experiment


Winstein & Schmidt (1990) - KR

Schmidt & Bjork (1992) - Practice

Salmoni et al. (1984) Guidance Hypo.


Helton (2007) Skill in Expert Dogs

Experimental Design

Use this Method section in your research report