Psychology 200 Experimental Methods

Spring 2018, Dr. Alliston Reid

MWF 1:00 – 1:50
Classroom: RMSC233

Lab time is 2:30-5:30 on Thursdays
Lab is held in RMSC225


Sample studies for exams
Study questions about statistics

Exam schedule


Welcome to Experimental Methods!!!!!
PDF of 1st half of Chapter 1 in your text
PDF of 2nd half of Chapter 1 in your text

Web site for your textbook

TED talks:
Battling bad science

The magic of the placebo

10 myths about psychology, debunked

Sample research report:
Published PDF

Sample peer reviews:
Review1; Review2, Review3

Sample action letters:

Letter #1; Letter #2

Lab 1 Instructions
Lab 1 Textbook material
Lab 1 Prep a Codebook
Lab 2 Instructions

Lab 2 - SPSS Chap 6
Lab 3 Instructions

Lab 4 Correlation & Regression

Lab 5 Sample Practice Guide
Lab 6: 1st Lab Practical

Lab 7 The World of t-tests

Mixed ANOVA Lab instructions

Lab 10 Nonparametric

Lab 12 Practice Guide

Final lab Practical

Z-scores and percentiles


Stats labs:
Alcohol Data Set (SPSS)
Stats using Excel

Sample.sav (SPSS)

Questions.sav (SPSS)

Survey3ED  StaffSurvey5ED (SPSS)

Sleep5ED Experim3ED (SPSS)

Practice Data Set 1 (SPSS)

Practice Data Set 2 (SPSS)

Practice Data Set 3 (SPSS)

Heights; Grades; Coins; Race (SPSS)
ANOVA Lab (Excel) 1-way, 2-way RM
Gender x IQ ANOVA (SPSS) 2-way B/G
Mixed ANOVA Data File (SPSS)