Psychology 150: Introduction to Psychological Science

Fall, 2011 

Dr. Alliston Reid

MWF 1:00-1:50
Classroom: RMSC-233

Lab: Thursdays 2:30-5:30
Lab is held in RMSC-225


Tentative schedule and assignments

Exam schedule
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Welcome to Psychological Science!!!!

Statistics Lab:

Alcohol data set - Excel file
SPSS file
read EOG Lab Instructions before Thursday's lab!
Vovici data entry link
  Article 1:
White (2008);
Article 2:
Rayner (1998)
EOG Stimulus Program (PowerPoint)
SPSS data file from EOG Lab
Writing in APA style - Long guide; short guide
Example lab report (not EOG lab!) as a formatting example
Vovici data entry link

Cog-Lab Experiment
Gallo, Roberts, & Seamon (1997);
Roediger & McDermott (1995) - read Experiment 2 (skim the rest)
(extra article): Howe (2011) ;
SPSS data file

Social/Personality lab
Descriptions of variables
Vovici survey link 
Articles: Barrett & Huebeck 2000
Gupta & Gupta 2004;
Holmes & Rahe 1967;
Kanner et al., 1981

Data Files: Reduced SPSS File
Complete SPSS File

Instructions for Tables