Travel Interim to Argentina

Buenos Aires, the Glaciers of Patagonia, and the End of the World

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Dr. Alliston Reid and Dr. John Akers

Here is a brief introduction to our travel plans. Please check out the links to explore how wonderful and exciting these places will be for us. At the bottom of this visual introduction you will find our complete itinerary, including links to every hotel.

Switch from winter in SC to summer in Argentina, and start in the fantastic multicultural capital city of

Buenos Aires! Can you tango yet? Eat steak? Lousy Spanish? We will help!



Visit famous neighborhoods, visit a gaucho  ranch (watch the video) (Yum, real steak!!!) and take a ferry for a short visit to an old city in Uruguay.

File:Asado 2005.jpg


MC900363176[1]Then fly to El Calafate to explore the glaciers of Patagonia on the Chilean border in the high mountains of Patagonia. Explore Los Glaciares National Park by boat.


El Calafate: Perito Moreno Glaciar - Photo: Jorge González

Watch a video of the Perito Moreno glacier crashing! Cool!!!! (or, maybe not)


Then fly to the End of the World as we explore Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, before returning to Buenos Aires for a day of shopping and our flight home.


Day-by-day itinerary

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Program Direction and Academic Content provided by: Dr. Alliston Reid and Dr. John Akers

Day                                          Date     Location/Program



January 14

CHARLOTTE Departure. Assemble (8:30 a.m.) at the American Airlines ticket counter at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, for departure (10:30 a.m.) on American Airlines flight AA #3564 (operated by American Eagle) for Miami; non-stop regional jet service. Upon arrival (12:35 p.m.) at Miami International Airport, Terminal D, pick up baggage and proceed to Terminal J for check-in at the Aerolineas Argentinas ticket counter. Depart (5:40 p.m.) on Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR #1305 for Buenos Aires; non-stop Airbus 340 service with meals served en route.



January 15

BUENOS AIRES Arrival. Upon arrival (04.40) at Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport, transfer by private motorcoach with assistance, to HOTEL KER RECOLETA for check-in. Afternoon (14.00) departure by private motorcoach for a guided tour of the city including Avenida de Mayo, San Telmo, La Boca, 9 de Julio Avenue, Palermo and the Recoleta. Walk with a guide to restaurant Buller for a welcome dinner, one soft drink included. (B,D)

City Tour Description: Visit the famous Avenida de Mayo that runs into the Plaza De Mayo, surrounded by the Casa Rosada (Government House), the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cabildo (first City Hall, built during Spanish rule).  At the other end of Avenida de Mayo it is possible to see the impressive Congress building.  We continue to San Telmo, a historical neighborhood and the oldest district of Buenos Aires.  On Sundays a visit to Plaza Dorrego is a "MUST" for its famous antique market. Our next stop is La Boca, a most colorful area with the famous street Caminito. Driving along 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest avenue of the world, you see the Colon Theatre, a famous Opera House that stages the most important artists and musicians from all over the world.  Continue to Palermo with its beautiful parks, the City Zoo, Botanical Gardens, the Argentine Horse Track and National Polo Fields. Palermo is well-known for its artificial lakes. At the end of the tour you will visit Recoleta area, one of the city’s most glamorous spots. Here you will find the Municipal Cultural Center, elegant boutiques and excellent restaurants, surrounded by centennial trees. At the cemetery of Recoleta you will find the grave of Eva Duarte, known to the world as Eva Perón (Evita). The cemetery is the centre of this aristocratic neighbourhood and the more relevant personalities of Argentina’s history rest in this place. The mausoleums and pantheons reflect the architectural diversity emerging from the different cultural tendencies Argentina incorporated in its formation as a nation. The cemetery is considered to be one of the most impressive monuments of Argentina.


File:Plaza De Mayo 2009.jpgFile:Buenos Aires - Recoleta - Junín.jpg



January 16

 BUENOS AIRES. Morning departure (10.00) by private motorcoach for a guided tour of the trendy Palermo neighbourhood, including lunch at a local parrilla, one beverage included. A 20-ride subway card included. (B,L)


Tour description:  Today we will visit one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires Palermo Soho & Palermo Hollywood. This area has many design boutiques, owned by local young designers, informal and modern style as well as many fashionable cafes and restaurants. Group will have time to stroll around this trendy area.  Stop for lunch in order to enjoy a good Parrillada (local barbeque) – 1 soft drink included.  Return back to the hotel via subway.



January 17

 BUENOS AIRES (COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO, URUGUAY). Morning (07.45) departure by private motorcoach to the Darsena Norte Ferry Terminal in Puerto Madero for departure (08.45) on the high-speed hydrofoil (tourist class seating) across the Rio de la Plata for Colonia del Sacramento. Upon arrival (11.00) at the Colonia ferry terminal meet your local guide for a walking tour of the historic city center. Afternoon free for independent exploration and lunch on your own. Return to the ferry terminal for departure (17.45) by high-speed hydrofoil ferry to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival (18.00) in Buenos Aires, transfer by private motorcoach back to the hotel. (B)


*Passports and Reciprocity document required for travel

*Uruguay is one hour ahead of Buenos Aires


Tour Description:  Visit the picturesque streets of the eldest city in Uruguay. The streets of Santa Rita, San Gabriel, the Matriz  Church, San Pedro road, the Bastion del Carmen, the famous “ Calle de los Suspiros “ ( Street of Sighs ) used so often as a backdrop for historical films, Puerta del Campo, Plaza Mayor 25 de Mayo.  The past can still be felt in the city’s cobblestone streets and stone walls. Colonia complements its archaeological values with natural beauty, the permanent company of the Uruguay River and the emblematic monuments that stand out on the horizon, such as the cathedral and the lighthouse, and very nearby, the Real de San Carlos bullring.



January 18

 BUENOS AIRES. Morning (10.00) departure by private motorcoach for a full day Fiesta Gaucha at Estancia Santa Susana, including lunch. (B,L)


Tour Description:  By the end of the last century, Mr. Francisco Kelly, of Irish ancestry, named these lands “Santa Susana”, to pay homage to his wife, Susana Caffrey. The estancia is located in the district of Campana, close to “Los Cardales” town, in the province of Buenos Aires.  It covers an area of 1200 hectares; mostly dedicated to agriculture and for the last ten years it has been a tourist resort.  Group will be welcomed and will enjoy typical “criollas” meals (lunch with drinks included) followed by a show of folk dances, as well as modern melodies.  The most distinctive feature will be the guided visit to the Spanish-colonial style “casco”, which holds an authentic museum of that period.  Sulky and horse rides will show you the charm of Argentine countryside, its scenarios, its cultivated lands and the incomparable wild aroma. The day will end with some typical activities of an estancia: regional games as the “carrera de sortijas”.



January 19

BUENOS AIRES. Morning free for independent exploration. Afternoon (14.00) departure by private motorcoach for a guided tour of the historic San Telmo neighborhood including the San Telmo Antique Fair and Zanjon de Granados underground tunnels, (entrance included). Evening dinner at local private homes (group may split into small groups of 4-6 per home). (B,D)


Tour description:  All of Buenos Aires' history is packed into this unusual house. The street it is on was once a small river—the zanjón, or gorge, of the property's name—where the first, unsuccessful attempt to found Buenos Aires took place in 1536. When the property's current owner—or custodian, as he prefers to be known—decided to develop what was then a run-down conventillo, he began to discover all sorts of things beneath the house: pottery and cutlery, the foundations of past constructions, and a 500-foot network of tunnels that has taken over 20 years to excavate. These were once used to channel water, but like the street itself, they were sealed after San Telmo's yellow-fever outbreaks.  With the help of historians and architects, they've now been restored, and the entire site has been transformed into a private museum, where the only exhibit is the redbrick building itself.


Excellent 30 minute guided tour takes you through low-lighted sections of the tunnels.

The history lesson continues aboveground, where you can see the surviving wall of a construction from 1740, the 19th-century mansion built around it, and traces of the conventillo it became.


Continue the walking tour visiting San Telmo, the best kept historical neighborhood and oldest district of Buenos Aires.  The San Telmo Antique Fair is one of the most relevant attractions that the city of Buenos Aires offers. Every Sunday the Plaza Dorrego looks different when it plays host to over 270 stands that offer for sale their unique goods of antiques and old things. Gramophones, gramophone records, antique clothes, jewels, trinkets, postcards, calendars, books, iron-fittings, lamps, and an endless number of ornaments and curios may be found in this traditional fair, organized by the Museum of the City, which has developed an internationally acknowledged identity.  The bars nearby take their tables out to onto the sidewalk and the whole adjoining area is thronged with musicians, singers, tango dancers, mimes; on Sundays San Telmo is a feast.

Here while we have stroll around Plaza Dorrego, you will be caught up in the atmosphere that is purely Porteño, you will see some wonderful open-air shows, hear some veteran tango singers, by something original at the flea market and maybe even get an idea of what Buenos Aires and their culture is really about.


Porteño Home Hosted Dinner:  Interact with friendly Argentines and allow yourself to be pampered in a hospitable and relaxed environment. In a private home you will learn firsthand about their culture and the way they live.  Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by your host. Appetizers will be served upon arrival. The dinner itself is not a gourmet experience but rather a "real" taste of Argentine home cooking. It will consist of a three course meal with coffee or tea.

Red and white wines and mineral water will be offered.


Meals depend on the host, there is no specific menu. However, in case of special request (vegetarian or diabetic diet for example) please advise in order to inform host in advance.


The San Telmo Fair, in Plaza Dorrego



January 20

BUENOS AIRES/EL CALAFATE.  Morning departure by private motorcoach to Jorge Newberry Airport (domestic airport) for departure (12.20) on Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR #1694 for El Calafate.  Upon arrival (15.40), transfer by private motorcoach with local assistance to RINCON DEL CALAFATE for check-in.  (B)



January 21

EL CALAFATE. Morning departure by private motorcoach for a full-day tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

(about 9 hours).  (B)


Tour Description:  A must for all visitors to Argentina is the Glacier Perito Moreno in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. From Calafate, it is an 80 km bus ride, making stops along the way to take pictures. After entering the Andean Patagonian forest, you stop at the “Curva de los Suspiros” (Sighs Curve), to enjoy the first panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier, then continue the way to the platforms and balconies in front of the glacier, having free time to admire it.  The Perito Moreno Glacier forms part of the Patagonian Continental Ice Field from which 13 glaciers descend on the Atlantic side to flow into the Viedma and Argentino lakes. The Perito Moreno glacier, 5 km wide and 80 Mts. high above Argentino Lake, is one of the few in the world which still advances forming a wall and containing the Brazo Rico waters. Every 4 or 5 years, the water pressure is so strong that it breaks into multiple icicles giving an overwhelming spectacle that is truly impossible to explain. The continuous slides from its frozen walls astonish you at any time throughout the year. Get impressed by the Patagonian Andes lakes, forests and mountains stretching for 500 beautiful kilometers and massive glaciers falling into the world’s southernmost seas.






January 22

EL CALAFATE. Morning departure by motorcoach for a full-day on the Todo Glaciares Navigation Tour (public excursion). (B)


Tour Description:  Departure from your hotel to Punta Bandera port, 50 km away from Calafate.  During the tour you navigate among huge icebergs, beginning navigation along the Northern side of the Lago Argentino up to Herminita Peninsula, from where you will see the Upsala Glacier. Continue through Spegazzini Channel in order to see Spegazzini Glacier. Return back to the Northern arm navigation through Tempanos channel, where you will see the North face of Moreno glacier, returning back to Punta Bandera.  Upon arrival at Punta Bandera return back to El Calafate. Note:  This is a full day navigation tour and passengers do not disembark; The ship has a basic bar service on board, therefore we recommend carrying box lunch purchased at El Calafate in advance.




January 23

EL CALAFATE/USHUAIA. Morning transfer by private motorcoach to El Calafate International Airport for departure (11.00) on Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR #1892 for Ushuaia; non-stop Boeing 737 service. Arrive (12.15) Ushuaia International Airport and transfer by private motorcoach to HOTEL USHUAIA for check-in. After lunch on your own walk to the pier for embarkation on an afternoon (15.00) Penguin Colony Navigation Tour. Return to the pier and walk back to the hotel. (B)


Tour Description: Ushuaia, capital of Tierra del Fuego, is located at the coast of the Beagle Channel surrounded by Le Martial Mountains that offers this unique combination of mountains, sea, glaciers and forest in Argentina.   Departing from Maipú avenue, towards the Footbridge Luis Pedro Fique, you will cross this narrow pass that ends at La Mission neighbourhood, an area chosen by the first white men settled down in Ushuaia. Other districts to visit will be the Brown and Solier, built by the first immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century. During the tour you will be able to observe old houses pertaining to the first Fuegian families like Bebans, Pastorizas, Cangas, Fiques, Salomons, Ramos and the Provincial Legislature, old Government's house. Also you will be able to observe the contrast of the incredible growth produced by the arrival of new settlers during the 80's.  The End of the World Museum was built in 1903 as Manuel Fernandez Valdes’s residence, who was governor later on. In 1911 it was taken by the National Bank for its subsidiary, which operated there until 1978, when the building was transferred to the museum. There are several rooms to visit with testimonies of the natives, ancient shipwrecks, prisoners and a collection of birds.




January 24

USHUAIA. Morning (08.15) departure by private motorcoach for a half-day tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park including Sea Lion Island and Lapataia Bay. Return to town for lunch on your own followed by a city tour and a visit to the Museo Marítimo y del Presidio and the End of the World Museum. The remainder of the afternoon is free for independent exploration. (B)


Tour description (AM):  Located only 11 kilometres (7 miles) away from Ushuaia city, you will be able to appreciate lakes, lagoons and rivers within Tierra del Fuego National Park limits.  Depart from Maipu Avenue towards the southwest by the National Route # 3, you will drive out of the city passing by the slope of Susana Mount, witness of the work of the prisoners from the old prison, where now the Southern Fuegian Railway is located. Here there will be a stop for (optional) train ride (not included in the tour).  Continuing through the valley to the Ensenada Bay, where you will be able to contemplate the Redonda and Estorbo Islands and on the other coast of the Beagle Channel, the snow-white Mountains of the Sampaio Chain (Chile). Back again on the National Route # 3 with the fuegian forest and its flora close to the road you will go to Lago Roca in order to do a trek by the lake coast and by Lapataia river, originated in the lake. From this point you can see the Cóndor Hill, natural border with Chile. You will go towards the other end of the Park, where Route # 3 finalizes at Lapataia Bay. On the way to Lapataia Bay you will have the chance to observe the Green Lagoon and the Black Lagoon, large growing peat bog.  On the shores of the bay you will have the chance to see steamer ducks, clovers and Cauquenes. The park is flanked by a dense green forest of lengas, ñires and cohiues. Finally you will pass by the beaver dams, whose footpath will lead to Lapataia Bay.  Return to the hotel after the National Park visit.

Tour description (PM):  Leaving the local harbour, navigate in a catamaran along the Channel and admire the sight of the mountain range that surrounds the city.  Enjoy a beautiful landscape, combined with mountains and sea, admiring the Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos, Fique Ranch, Tunnel, Escarpado Mount and Encajonado River. Isla de los Lobos (Sea Lion island) and Isla de los Pájaros, on the Bridges Archipelago, are good spots for watching sea lions, cormorants, albatrosses, skuas, petrels and seagulls. Another interesting part of the trip is the famous lighthouse Les Eclaireurs and the Estancia Túnel, a historic site on the northern shore.

Cartel del Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego.jpg



January 25

USHUAIA/BUENOS AIRES. Late morning transfer by private motorcoach to Ushuaia International Airport for departure (12.40) on Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines flight AR #1857 for Buenos Aires; non-stop Boeing 737 service. Arrive (16.08) at Buenos Aires Jorge Newberry Airport (domestic airport) and transfer by private motorcoach to HOTEL KER RECOLETA for check-in. Evening transfer by private motorcoach to Tango Porteno for dinner, tango lessons (not private), and a tango show. (B,D)


Inclusion:  Tango Porteño

Tango Porteño invites us to a journey through those glorious years in Buenos Aires when the tango could be felt and enjoyed in every corner of the city, in the so called Golden Decade (1940). In those years, over fifty orchestras performed every day at cabarets, discos, cafés, restaurants, ballrooms and even sport clubs. Tango Porteño recovers and crystallizes the Tango essence in a unique place, magically recreating the best and most transcendental stage of the tango history in a luxurious building, a formerly movie theatre building that used to belong to the Metro Goldwyn Meyer Company. The old and beloved Metro, just a few steps from the Obelisk, today become Tango Porteño, a venue that combines the most refined atmosphere with the typical deco style of the golden days, great artists, unbeatable productions and first class cuisine. After tango show return back to the hotel around midnight.



January 26

BUENOS AIRES Departure. Day free for independent exploration. Check-out of hotel by 12 noon. Evening transfer by private motorcoach to Ministro Pistarini International Airport for departure (23.15) on Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR #1302 for Miami; non-stop Airbus 340 service with meals served en route. (B)



January 27

CHARLOTTE Arrival. Arrive (6:25 a.m.) at Miami International Airport, South Terminal for customs clearance and baggage claim. Proceed with baggage to Terminal D for check-in with American Airlines and departure (11:05 a.m.) on American Airlines flight AA #3171 (operated by American Eagle) for Charlotte; non-stop regional jet service. Arrive (1:05 p.m.) at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

*Pricing does not include domestic baggage fees on feeder space on American Airlines, approximately $50 r/t

AIR:     Charlotte/Miami round-trip air based on currently confirmed fare by American Airlines, subject to restrictions and cancellation penalties by the airline; current taxes of $48.94 are included and subject to change until ticketed.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to airline rules for group tickets, separate tickets on American Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas must be issued; domestic checked baggage fees apply, currently at $25 for the first bag, each direction.

Miami/Buenos Aires/El Cafate/Ushuaia/Buenos Aires circle-trip based on current confirmed fare on by Aerolineas Argentinas, subject to restrictions and cancellation penalties by the airline; current taxes of            $124.82 are included and subject to change until ticketed.

NOTE: Airfare is based on a negotiated group airfare. A minimum of 10 participants must travel on group flights.  22 seats are being held; additional space may not be available or may incur additional cost.

SURFACE TRAVEL:                                        By private deluxe motorcoach as indicated in the itinerary; 20-ride                                               subway ticket for Buenos Aires

ACCOMMODATIONS and MEALS:                  Twin-occupancy at accommodation as indicated or similar with breakfast daily; 2 lunches and 3 dinners


PROGRAM ARRANGEMENTS: Local guide daily as indicated in the itinerary; Reciprocity fee included and paid in advance online (; standard estimated gratuities; departure taxes from El Calafate and Ushuaia; no additional group funds for emergencies, additional meals, or honoraria are included.  The following entrance fees are included and are subject to change without prior notice:

·        Argentina Fireland National Park fee USD 25,00 per person

·        Los Glaciares Park fee USD 26,00 per person x 2 visits

·        Zanjon de Granados private entrance fee USD 28,00 per person

·        End of the World museum  entrance USD 20,00 per person

·        Museo Maritimo y del Presidio USD 12.00 per person