Dr. Ramin Radfar

Research Program:

The program is offered to students who are interested in biochemical research during summer or academic year.

* 10-week summer research in protein purification, crystallization, data collection, and modeling.

* Funding available upon approval.

* Students must pay for their own housing and travel expenses.

* Dates for the summer program are
June 3 through August 9.

For more information contact Dr. Radfar.

Biochemistry research program participants:

School Year Attended
Kyle Murdock Wofford College 2014  
Hannah Comstock Wofford College 2013/2014  
Ben Stephens College of Charleston 2013  
Megan Wang Wofford College 2013  
Paul Inclan Wofford College 2012  
Richard Mugabe Wofford College 2012  
Forest Weir Furman University 2011  
Davis Stibolt Wofford College 2011  
Ethan Miller Wofford College 2010  
Ryan Linton Wofford College 2010 MUSC - Pharmacy
Harry Quedenfeld Wofford College 2009  
Stephen Strickland Wofford College 2008  
Travis Boyd Wofford College 2007  
Jonathan Hufford Wofford College 2007  
Achini Bandara Wofford College 2006 PhD Program - Purdue Univ.
Nikil Swamy Wofford College 2006 PhD Program - USC
Keith Munns Wofford College 2006  
David Roberts Wofford College 2006 Dental School - Virginia
Colleen Henry DeSales Univ, PA 2005 Milton Hershey Med. Center
Kelsey Duggan Wofford College 2004 PhD Program - Vanderbilt
Jason Holliday Wofford College 2005 PhD Program - USC
Dylan Scott Wofford College 2003 Dental School - UK
Mitchell Nimmich Wofford College 2003 Medical School - USC
Andrew Stachiw Wofford College 2002 Peace Corps - Africa

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