PSY451 - Senior Research Thesis - Dr. Dave Pittman
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Effect of Benzodiazepines within the PBN on taste guided licking behavior.

Abstract - Full report

Baker Bragg, Alexandra Brantly, Sarah Evans, Reed Mulbry
FALL 2012
Chlordiazepoxide Increases the Palatability of Nutritive and Non-Nutritive Sweeteners in Rats
Abstract - Full report
Brittany Eberhart, Paige Frasso, Laurel Ann Sams, Lucy Schermerhorn, & Julia Tyson
FALL 2011
Fatty Acids Enhance the Perceived Taste Intensity of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners, Saccharin & Sucralose, in Male and Female Rats.

Abstract - Full report

Elizabeth Garrison, Christopher Keenan, Kimberlee Lockwood, Hannah Rapport, Alexandra Zeldenrust
FALL 2010
CDP Increases Ingestion and Alters Taste Palatability across Specific Tastants in Rats
Abstract - Full report
Phillip Neill, Isaac Rankin, Michael Schecter
FALL 2009
Education and Praise as a Mechanism for Increasing Healthy Choices in Children
Abstract - Full report
Brittney Getz, Christina Jackson, Sara Riggs, Jonathan Shay
FALL 2008
GABAergic Influences Increase Ingestion across All Taste Categories.

Abstract - Full report
Molly McGinnis, Elizabeth Miller, Lindsey Richardson
FALL 2007
Effect of Benzodiazepines on Ingestive Behavior.
Abstract - Full report
Hannah Dinnen, Ivy Farr
FALL 2006
Dose-Response Effects of Linoleic Acid on the Consumption Pattern of Sucrose.
Abstract - Full report
Cameron Corbin, Rebecca Dover, Brittany Lewis, Kimberly Smith
FALL 2005
A Role for Taste in the Detection of Linoleic but not Oleic Acid in Rats.
Abstract - Full report
Ashley Adamson, Mallory Bramlett, Sarah Evans, Lauren Gasque, Ryn Lister
FALL 2004
The Role of the Chorda Tympani Nerve in the Gustatory Detection of Free Fatty Acids.
Abstract - Full report
Leah Harris, Lauren Murchison, Sara Shields, Jennifer Wallace
FALL 2003
Gustatory Detection and Discrimination between Free Fatty Acids in Rats:  Evidence of a taste component for dietary fat.
Abstract - Full report
Gabe Gracia, Chelsea Grimsley, Erin Hantske
Influence of Linoleic Acid on Human Taste Intensity.
Abstract - Full report
Mary Holland Brumbach, Virginia Clyburn, Hailey Hughes, Sean Patterson, Krysta Webster
FALL 2002
Taste Modulation by Linoleic Acid in Rats.
Abstract - Full report
Sarah Elizabeth Cheek, Steven Dwight Robinson, Dylan Burr Scott
Past Student Literature Reviews:
Satiety in Rats
Brittany Eberhart
Fall 2012
The Effect of Benzodiazepines and Non-Benzodiazepines on Ingestive Behavior
Laurel Ann Sams
Fall 2012
Gustatory Mechanisms for Neural Signaling in Rats
Lucy Schermerhorn
Fall 2012
A perspective on the Contributions of Kent Berridge and of Suzanne Higgs & Steven J. Cooper
Julia Tyson
Fall 2012
Prader – Willi Syndrome: An Assessment of Genetics, Ghrelin and Lifestyle
Kimberlee Lockwood
Fall 2011
A summary of Richard Mattes’ research since 2005: Effects of food form, feeding patterns, and specific nutrients on appetite, satiety, and metabolic responses in humans
Elizabeth Garrison
Fall 2011
Differences Between Male and Female Gustatory Systems in Rats
Christopher Keenan
Fall 2011
Energy Regulation of Solid Foods, Liquid Foods, and a Relationship between the Two
Hannah Rapport
Fall 2011
Making Sense Of Human Pheromones: Receptors, Physiology, and Behaviors
Alexandra Zeldenrust
Fall 2011
Monosodium Glutamate:  An Assessment of Healthy Implications in Human and Animal Studies
Isaac Rankin

Fall 2010
Hypertension, the Taste of Salt, and the Relationship Between the Two
Michael Schecter

Fall 2010
Decline in olfactory capability as an early indicator of Alzheimer's Disease
Phillip Neill

Fall 2010
Prevalence of North American and Global Childhood and Adulthood Obesity and the Contributing Factors
Christina Marie Jackson
Fall 2009

Countering Childhood Obesity: Interventions to Fight the Public Health Epidemic
Sara Riggs

Fall 2009

High-Fructose Corn Syrup: Does it Contribute to Obesity
Brittney Getz
Fall 2009
Rat Taste Behaviors for Bitter and Sour Aversive Stimuli
Elizabeth Miller
Fall 2008
Characteristics of Salt and Umami Taste
Molly McGinnis
Fall 2008
The Influence of Nutritive and Non-nutritive Sweeteners on Rat Taste Behavior
Lindsey Richardson

Fall 2008
GABAergic Influence on Taste Information in the Central Gustatory Pathway
Hannah Dinnen

Fall 2007
Influences of Benzodiazepines on Palatability
Ivy Farr
Fall 2007
Sex Differences in Taste Preferences in Humans
Cameron Corbin

Fall 2006
Contributions of Appetite, Metabolism and Taste Sensitivities In Human Obesity: A Review of Richard D. Mattes’s Research
Rebecca Dover

Fall 2006

Effects of Drugs, Sex, and Age on Preference to Sweet Taste in Rats
Brittany Lewis

Fall 2006

Understanding Obesity through a Comparison of Osborne-Mendel and S5B/P1 Strains of Rat
Kimberly Smith

Fall 2006

The Influence of Ingested Dietary Fat and Its Affects on the Gut and Brain
Ashley Adamson
Fall 2005

The Homeostatic Mechanisms of Obesity
Mallory Bramlett
Fall 2005

Taste Preferences and Societal Influence Regarding Obesity
Sarah Evans
Fall 2005

Afferent Neural Coding in the Three Main Gustatory Nerves
Lauren Gasque
Fall 2005
The Etiology of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
Ryn Lister
Fall 2005
The Obesity Epidemic
Sara Shields
Fall 2004

The Role of Saliva in Taste 
Leah Harris
Fall 2004

Genetic and Physiological Contributions to Obesity
Lauren Murchison
Fall 2004

Non-Genetic Contributions to Obesity: 
the role of metabolism, energy intake, and energy expenditure.
Jennifer Wallace
Fall 2004

The Role of the Cranial Nerves in the Gustatory System
Erin Hantske
Fall 2003
Whole Fat and Free Fatty Acid Contribution to the Taste of Fat
Chelsea Grimsley
Fall 2003 
Correlations of Electrophysiological and Behavioral Studies of the Gustatory System
Gabe Garcia
Fall 2003 
Pre-ingestive and Post-ingestive Influences on Dietary Fat Intake
Virgina Clyburn
Spring 2003
Gustatory Neural Coding in the Monkey and Human Brain 
Mary Holland Brumbach
Spring 2003
Taster Status & Taste Perception
Hailey Hughes
Spring 2003
The Transduction of Sweet Tastants in Humans
Sean Patterson
Spring 2003
 Afferent Gustatory Neural Coding:  A Review of Dr. David Smith’s Research
Krysta Webster
Spring 2003
 The Motivation to Eat and its Effect on Obesity
Sallie Cheek
Fall 2002
The Effects of the Hypothalamus and Nucleus Accumbens on Orosensory Fat Preferences in Rats:  A literature review 
Steven D. Robinson
Fall 2002
Dysgeusia:  Experimental evidence suggesting neurological impairment in taste perception among the elderly and HIV-infected patients.
Dylan Scott
Fall 2002
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