PSY330 - Behavioral Neuroscience - Fall Semester - Dr. Dave Pittman


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Independent Student Laboratory Experiments

Bekah Bowie
(Spring 2016)
Experiment 1: What Makes A Movie Scary? Do Sound or Video Contribute More To Fear?

Experiment 2: Do Concussions Affect Sympathetic Nervous System Arousal in Response to Violence?

Tyler Nelson
(Spring 2016)
Experiment 1: Differential Brain Activity in Real Life and Imagination

Experiment 2: Auditory Stress and Short-Term Memory Recall

Erica Cousins
(Fall 2013)
Experiment 1: Does aromatherapy actually work?

Experiment 2: Can Colored Notes Improve Your Memory?

Kelsey Smith
(Fall 2013)
Experiment 1: Could You Still Find Waldo?

Experiment 2: Habituation to an Unexpected Stimulus

Jake Wright
(Fall 2013)
Experiment 1: The effects of auditory interference on decision making processes in response to visual stimuli.

Experiment 2: Memory and Stress

Julia Tyson
(Spring 2013)
Experiment 1: Rhythm & Cues

Experiment 2: Stress & Noise

Brenton Mahaffey
(Spring 2013)
Experiment 1: The Effect of Dark Chocolate on Cognitive Functions.

Experiment 2: Does the “Mozart Effect” Actually Exist?

Line Rahman
(Spring 2013)
Experiment 1: Do environmental sounds influence the level of risk taking?

Experiment 2: Does humor have an effect on memory recall?

Jackson Scott
(Spring 2013)
Experiment 1: Does Caffeine Affect Decision Making?

Experiment 2: The Clock is Ticking.

An Le
(Spring 2012)
Experiment 1: Listening to the Radio or Talking on a Cell Phone? Which has a Bigger Effect on Reaction Time and GSR?

Experiment 2: Does Sudafed® Improve Performance on Cognitive Tasks?

Caroline Liddy
(Spring 2012)
Experiment 1: Can Icy Hot© Have Adverse Effects on Muscle Performance?

Experiment 2: Don’t Forget to Warm-Up Your Brain!

Joseph McAbee
(Spring 2012)
Experiment 1: The effects of music type on cognitive performance, frontal lobe activity, and autonomic nervous system functioning

Experiment 2: Is it more effective to study while sitting still or while participating in repetitive motion?

Arsalaan Salehani
(Spring 2012)
Experiment 1: What do Will Smith and The Lion King Have in Common? The Effects of Emotion on Memory Recall in Males and Females

Experiment 2: The Effects of Physiological Stress and Noise on Attention

Hannah Rapport
(Spring 2011)
Experiment 1:  Anxiety Free©: A relaxing herbal supplement or just a lot of B vitamins

Experiment 2: The effects of time pressure on reading comprehension and saccadic eye movement.

Charlotte Van Hale
(Spring 2011)
Experiment 1:  Homeopathic Attentional Supplements: Helpful or Too Good to be True?

Experiment 2: Do Emotion and Stimulus Lateralization Affect Processing Ability?

Alexandra Zeldenrust
(Spring 2011)
Experiment 1:  Human Scent Recognition in College-age Students

Experiment 2:  Invigorating scents and their effect on language abilities
Lauren Jamison
(Spring 2010)
Experiment 1: Does GNC product, be-RESTORED, really reduce stress?

Experiment 2: On-looker Effect on N-Back Task Performance

Katherine Kenyon
(Spring 2010)
Experiment 1: Does Peppermint Affect Test Performance?

Experiment 2: Effects of Perceived Time Pressure on Test Performance

Will Renneker
(Spring 2010)
Experiment 1: The effects of violent and nonviolent video games on physiological arousal and attention.

Experiment 2: The Effects of Calming and Exciting Music on Galvanic Skin Response and Cognition

Jeevan Abraham
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: The Effects of Synthetic Chemosignals on Autonomic Physiology, Heart Rate, and Attractiveness Survey

Experiment 2: The Association of the Motor Cortex and the Visual Cortex Determined by Reaction Time

Emily Dengler
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: The Effects of Stress on Memory Recall

Experiment 2: Can you trust Liquid Trust?  The efficacy of products that contain oxytocin

Chelsea Nill
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: The Effects of Stress-inducing Acoustic Stimuli on the Ability to Recall Visual Details

Experiment 2: Lateralization of Function: Visuospatial abilities and Mathematics

Elizabeth Powell
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: The Effect of Olfactory Cues on Memory

Experiment 2: Trust or Bust? Is Oxytocin a Trust Potion or is it all in Your Head?

Amanda Ruscin
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: The Placebo Effect of Caffeine on Physiological Effects

Experiment 2: The Effect of Articulatory Suppression on GSR and Accuracy during an N-back Task

Jessie Sahms
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: The Mozart Effect: The Neurological Approach

Experiment 2: Emotion Evoking Stimuli Can Inhibit Attention on Pictorial Stroop

Michael Schecter
(Spring 2009)
Experiment 1: A Shocking Memory: The Effect of Shock Stimulus on Short Term Memory Recognition

Experiment 2: Emotional Memories: The Effect of Emotionally-charged Stimuli on Short Term Memory Recall

Mazi Alimohamed
(Spring 2008)
Experiment 1: Emotional Content and its Effects on Brain Activity During Memory Formation.

Experiment 2: Differences in sympathetic nervous system activation of human females in the presence of different sexes.

Elizabeth Miller
(Spring 2008)
Experiment 1: The effects of caffeine on eye movement.

Experiment 2: The effects of a daytime nap on procedural and declarative memory consolidation.

Kimberly Smith
(Spring 2008)
Experiment 1: Galvanic Skin Response and Memory Consolidation

Experiment 2: The Effects of "Rip It" Energy Drink on Physiological and Mental Tasks. Russian Translation

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