Interim 395: Research Projects in the Sciences  Course Syllabus
Professor David Pittman

Student Blogs for Interim 2016

Description:  This Interim is designed for students wanting to conduct independent research projects, literature reviews leading to a proposal of a future research project, or internships involving scientific research. 
This Interim is designed to provide a common structure for independent research projects during the Interim term and to create a shared community of learning among those involved.  Projects may be conducted on-campus or off-campus.  Many variations of research projects may be included under the umbrella of this course. These may include projects that are designed to prepare students to conduct research in future semesters or submit grants to fund summer research through composition of a critical literature review and proposed research design or projects may involve more traditional research designs such as hypothesis testing, data collection, and production of results. It is important to be realistic in designing your project so that completion of the work is feasible within the first 3 weeks of Interim and an acceptable report can be produced within the 4th week of Interim.  Please see the application form for additional information about the courses, content, and roles of the research sponsors and students.

Important Dates:
Sept. 16 - Applications deadline
Sept. 26 - Notification of Application Status
Sept. 30 - Revision deadline, if revisions to the application were required.
November 1 - Deadline for IACUC and IRB proposals if required.
December 3 at 11 AM - Mandatory Interim Meeting, RMSC 228

January 5, Monday, 11:30-12:30, Holcomb Room, Burwell Building - Mandatory interim meeting.
January 25, Monday, 11:30-12:30,  Holcomb Room, Burwell Building - Mandatory interim meeting.

January 25 - Final paper due by 5 PM.
January 27, Weds, 1-2 PM - Oral presentations of work, Olin Theater.

Expectations:  All students are expected to complete their proposals by the above deadlines and attend all meetings.  Each student is expected to maintain a blog of their daily activities during Interim.  Each student is required to compose a final paper (8-12 pgs) and present their work during a collective Interim symposium held on the last Wednesday on Interim.

Interim Applications:  Fill out the appropriate form and submit directly to Professor Pittman by the deadline, 5 PM on Sept. 26.

Application for Research Projects in the Sciences right click & choose save as
Submit to Professor David Pittman

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