We set out to investigate the complexities of current religious issues and their interaction with and effect on contemporary cultures.  Our focus is on analyzing various religiously-toned issues in the media.  As a trio of senior Religion majors, we’re collaborating with one of Canada’s finest, Dr. Dan Mathewson.

Each week we research and analyze a current and relevant religious topic.  Our paramount goal is to delve deeper into the underlying themes and problematic issues that characterize these issues and to analyze them using our knowledge obtained from four years of intensive studies in religion. 

On this website you will find our brief summaries of each topic we’ve investigated accompanied by a response to what we discussed in our weekly meetings.  Links pertinent to each issue will also be included should you choose to do some self-exploration.  We encourage you to leave any and all comments.  Hope you enjoy!

About the scholars...

Adrienne Hamm

Meagan Lankford

Dan Mathewson

Jason O’Quinn

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