Intramural Teams

Though I was initially hired to teach in the Religion Department, it quickly become clear to me that my primary function at Wofford was to manage, coach and captain all the Faculty & Staff intramural teams (since I’ve gotten tenure, however, I’ve handed over the reins to others). One might think that teams filled with 30-80 year-old brainiacs would not fare too well against teams of young adults all at the peak of their physical prowess. One would be mistaken. The faculty and staff at Wofford have been tremendously blessed with extraordinary athletic gifts: blazing speed, superhuman strength, grace, cunning, bravery, and above all else, imaginations supple enough to envision themselves possessing these gifts when they very clearly do not.

The Faculty & Staff intramural team name in every sport in which we compete is “Tenacious D.”

Here is our logo:

We have a very active Facebook page that is the source of all sorts of insider information for our thousands hundreds dozens millions of adoring fans.

Tenacious D used to field teams in Terrier Tag (Wofford’s version of flag football), soccer, dodgeball, basketball, and softball. Due to advancing age and decrepitude, we now only have a basketball team...though, truthfully, the basketball team seems to be dying a slow death. In the past, however, we made the playoffs a couple of times each in soccer, Terrier Tag, and dodgeball. We made the finals at least once in soccer. Softball, we won’t discuss. Our greatest successes have been in basketball, which we won six times (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013). We also won once in dodgeball (2010). Students denigrate our championships in basketball by pointing out that we did not play in the (so-called) “Competitive” division. I would point out to our critics that our championship t-shirts are identical to those given to the winners of that other division. Below are team photos of our championship basketball teams.

2013 Intramural Basketball Championship Team: Tenacious D

Standing, from left: Mike Curtis (Head Cheerleader), Andrew Green (Assistant Cheerleader), Jim Neighbors (Wannabe Cheerleader), Dan Mathewson, Doug Rayner, John McArthur, Vad Farrar, Bryan Blackwell, Palmer Straughn, Collins McCraw, our mascot, some guy with a serious ‘stache, the ref we paid off

Seated, from left: Deno Trakas, Collins McCraw again, Head Coach Thom Henson and his four stunt doubles, Ryan Johnson, John Miles (who only played one game and so was made to sit on the end of the bench, shamefully)

2012 Intramural Basketball Championship Team: Tenacious D

Standing, from left: Dan Mathewson (Head Coach), Andrew Green, Doug Rayner, Caleb Arrington, Jim Neighbors, Palmer Straughn, Scott Cochran, Mike Curtis (injured reserve for whole season), John McArthur (forgot his uniform, but compensated by growing a fantastic mustache)

Seated, from left: Dr. Jerry Buss (honorary team member because he’s a doctor), Collins McCraw, John Miles, Bryan Blackwell, Deno Trakas, Brian Joyce, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Johnson’s body double

2011 Intramural Basketball Championship Team: Tenacious D

Back Row: Our various corporate sponsors, private investors, and hangers-on

Middle Row, from left: Mike Curtis (injured reserve for whole season), Dan Mathewson, Andrew Green, Caleb Arrington, Jim Neighbors, Bryan Blackwell

Front Row, from left: Doug Rayner, Deno Trakas, Collins McCraw, Ryan Johnson, Palmer Straughn

2010 Intramural Basketball Championship Team: Tenacious D

Standing, from left:  Associate Head Coach, Byron McCane; Director of Basketball Operations, Byron McCane; Assistant Head Coach, Byron McCane; Ryan Johnson; Bryan Blackwell; Bob Keasler, Steve Michelman, John McArthur, Graduate Assistant/Head Team Manager, Byron McCane; Associate Head Coach, Byron McCane; Head Coach, Byron McCane

Seated, from left: Mike Curtis; Andrew Green; John Miles; Dan Mathewson; Collins McCraw; Jim Neighbors; Doug Rayner; David Alvis; Deno Trakas

2009 Intramural Basketball Championship Team: Tenacious D

Standing, from left: Head Coach, Byron McCane; Jim Neighbors; Mike Curtis; Ryan Johnson; Todd Leahy; Steve Michelman; John McArthur; Andrew Green; Doug Rayner

Seated, from left: Bryan Blackwell; Dan Mathewson; John Miles; Deno Trakas

2007 Intramural Basketball Championship Team: Tenacious D

Back row, from left: Jim Neighbors, Matt Cathey, John McArthur, Mike Curtis, Bryan Blackwell, Todd Leahy

Front row, from left: Deno Trakas, Steve Michelman, Gerald Thurmond, Dan Mathewson, Doug Rayner