JAN 317

Family History and Digital Scrapbooking

Dr. Charlotte Knotts-Zides

January 5-February 1, 2012

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Would you enjoy learning about your family history and documenting it with photos and journal writing?

In this project, we will use family photos to create digital scrapbooks of your family history; you will interview your parents and other family relatives in order to uncover the stories that make up your personal heritage and will add interest to your scrapbooks through journaling. No prior knowledge of digital scrapbooking is required; we will begin by learning to convert printed pictures into digital files and to edit images using the free software program GIMP.

In addition, we have planned a three-hour trip to Hendersonville to work with Elaine Parsons on a Pointography project, and a three-hour trip to the Scrapbook Store on the east side of Spartanburg to enjoy traditional scrapbooking.   



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