JAN 318                 January 6-31, 2003

Seeking Balance: Yoga, Indian Medicine and Philosophy

Professors Charlotte A. Knotts-Zides and Steven B. Zides

In this interim we will focus on classic Indian medicine and philosophy and the relationship between the mind and the body in promoting health. During the mornings under the guidance of a master instructor, students will experience first-hand the benefits of yoga.  The afternoon classes will feature films, guest speakers, and discussions. Additionally, through readings and daily directed journals, students will explore the roots of Indian philosophy and its connection to a healthy state of being.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students need to be aware of the physical nature of any form of exercise, including yoga.  Students of all levels of physical fitness are encouraged to participate in yoga;  however, if there are any questions regarding whether yoga is appropriate for you, we encourage you to consult your doctor before enrolling in this interim.  

Additional Information


Our yoga instructor is Elaine Lang RN, MS, CS, of Body & Soul; her phone number is 
(864) 253-0518 and her email is Bodynsoulsptbg@aol.com.  Elaine teaches several yoga classes at her studio, which is located about 5-10 minutes from Wofford College.  Elaine also offers one-on-one yoga sessions for relief of chronic pain as well as Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy by appointment. (Click here  for some general information on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and here for some information on Elaine Lang as a Phoenix Rising Yoga 
Therapy Practicioner.)


A session of yoga consists of a series of physical postures called asanas with names such as Mountain Pose (Tadasana) or Downward Facing Dog.  For information about these postures, go to www.yogasite.com/postures.html, www.yogajournal.com, or the page on asanas at www.yogabasics.com.  


This interim is graded pass/fail. Students are expected to attend every yoga session and every afternoon session. Students will be expected to read approximately 30-40 pages out of the class book every class night and to write a journal entry after each reading. Journals will be collected on Thursday afternoon, read over the weekend, and returned on Monday. Students are also expected to participate in discussions during the afternoon sessions.


Guest speakers will talk on ayurvedic medicine, chakras, reiki, meditation, Buddhism, 
and devotional chanting.   



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