Dr. Robert C. Jeffrey
Associate Professor of Government

Dr. Robert Jeffrey teaching outside on Wofford's front lawn.Recent Publications

Dr. Jeffrey has recently been interviewed by The State newspaper of Columbia, SC and the Spartanburg (SC) Herald-Journal.

Book Review of The American Constitutional Order: History, Cases, and Philosophy, Douglas Kmiec and Stephen Presser (Cincinnati: Anderson Publishing Co.), 1998.  Perspectives in Political Science.
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"Judge in pledge case is right; case law is wrong."  The State  (Columbia, SC).  7 July 2002.  (Online version of this articleClick here to read this article.

"Pledge ruling:  Correct Decision: Ruling reflects precedent that has been set by a majority on the Supreme Court."  Spartanburg Herald-Journal.  7 July 2002.
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"Our New Non-Political Order: The Eros of Enterprise."  Perspectives in Political Science.  Fall 2001 ed.

"Founders: Truth, pride, spirituality create foundation for a free nation."  Spartanburg Herald-Journal.  1 July 2001.  A10.
"Time tested system supports democracy, promotes stability."  Spartanburg Herald-Journal.  November 2000.  A11.
"Calhoun's influence lives long after his South is gone with the wind."  Spartanburg Herald-Journal. 26 March 2000.  A8.

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