A Sunday Morning Visit to Maenzanise United Methodist Church

several kilometers from Old Mutare, Zimbabwe



Our group of Wofford College students were invited to the home church of the
Dean of Africa University School of Theology, seated to the right of Phillip Davis
in the back of Larry Kies' pickup truck which hauled some of the anxious throng the hour or so
drive along gravel roads to Maenzanise where the congregation was expecting us.




Sitting on a high hill, the new Maenzanise church building is under constuction
and is ready for a roof. Chris Hope, Ab Abercrombie, Jane and Larry Kies and
several Wofford students are ready to go inside.







Guests and visitors were thoroughly greeted. The choir invigorated the worship service.
Wofford and AU guests were seated up front on chairs.





The Local Pastor delivered a sermon based on the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds from the Gospel of Matthew.
Dean Beauty translated the sermon from Shona to English.




Children sat together on mats on the floor.
Men and women of the congregation sat separately on the wooden pews.









Guests hear the different fates of the wheat and the weeds.






Until a roof can be purchased, tarps shade the congregation and choir (standing)
who are singing a recessional hymn.




A view








After the service, The Wofford Students gathered for a photo while lunch was being prepared.
Front: Maria Davenport, Suiter Coxe, Hope Griffin, Anne Griffin Patterson, Alana Ling, Callie Thomas
Back: Joseph McAbee, Elis Sidden, Emily Shaw, Allie McDonald, Jessica Gardner, Mary Schronce.








View from the new church. Homes have roofs of tin or thatch.
The reservoir created by Osbourne Dam lies in the valley.




The lay leader's wife organized a feast for the guests.
The congregation ate under a shade tree while......




The Wofford group was served in the original church building (dating from 1889)
decorated in red, white, and blue especially for us.




Following a handwashing, guests were treated to chicken, rice, and veggies.
The hospitality was unsurpased and we'll all remember very fondly this special
experience at this special place with these most hospitable people.




The welcome mat on the steps of the original church consisted of flaps of colorful cloth,
here abstracted to illustrate how
individuals of different colors can create a beautiful assembly.