Chemistry 204 

Dr. Charlie Bass


Class Announcements:  

Thursday, May the Tooth: New  book problems and readings and ACS Guide stuff... if you are TTh human, wait till post-class-facto Tuesday to look at the new problems.    Test answer keys posted below.  There are a TON of ACS Guide problems that are already appropriate!!   OLD TEST POSTED (as is its key)


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review packets:

Course Syllabus section B (TTh 1:00) section C (MWF 8:30)

Consider ordering the book Preparing for Your ACS Exam in Organic Chemistry.  Good examples of multiple choice problems for test for both semesters, for preparing for the final exam in 204, and good to have for review for DAT, MCAT, etc.  The ACS Organic Chemistry Exams - The Official Guide. 

Problems from Preparing for Your ACS Examination in Organic Chemistry The Official Guide may be found on this page

During academic year we use:  Lab Notebook Entries (prepared by Dr. Chris Waidner). 

  Textbook Website

  Lab Safety Rules

Chem 204 grade scale

Final Exam:

Section B (TTh 1:00):  T May 14th 9:00 a.m.

Section C (MWF 8:30): Th May 16th 9:00 a.m.


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  ACE Organic      

           The website for the daily ACE Organic assignments.

Homework Assignments        

           Homework Problem Due Dates; suggested problems from text.

    Lecture Slides        

          A copy of the power point slides used in lecture.  The list will be updated as the course proceeds. 
Assignment List for ACE Organic                  A list of the ACE Organic assignments we have done this semester.

Syllabus Section B

Syllabus Section C


The course syllabus contains many useful polices and dates for this course.

In Class Roadmaps Answer documents for roadmaps you completed as homework. 
Readings                      Sections we just covered in our text ... and some of what is coming soon. 
ACS Guide                       Problems from Preparing for Your ACS Examination in Organic Chemistry The Official Guide


The handouts with procedures and problems for lab.

Lab Notebook Directions for your lab notebook.  (Prepared by Dr. Chris Waidner)
Example Lab Notebook                     A major emphasis in lab is proper laboratory notebook technique.

Example Abstract

An example of the laboratory abstract for all Chem 124 labs.

Test 1 summer 2011
(key to dat test)
Test 2 Spring 2012
(key to dat test)
Test 4 Spring 2012
(key to dat test)
Test 5 Spring 2012
(key to dat test

Samples of old exams.  Please be aware that all topics covered are legal for inclusion on tests, not just those emphasized here.  Also be aware that all tests are cumulative.  And ... know that I keep my multiple choice problems forever ... you may well find that there were a few pages worth of multiple choice problems on these old tests also. 


Test 1 version 1

Test 1 version 2

Test 3

Test 4 version 1

test 4 version 2

          The Exam Key for our most recent exam.
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Organic Chemistry Resources                  A collection of good Organic Chemistry  web pages maintained by The American Chemical Society, Organic Division.